How do I convert a 4.0 Guided Interview to a 5.0 Guided Interview?

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The A2J Guided Interview 4.0 has to be in UTF-8 to upload properly to A2J Author 5.0. 


Here is how to convert your files that won't upload to a format that will upload. 


1. Download and open EditPadlite http://www.editpadlite.com/download.html (free text editor) 


2. Open your 4.0 Guided Interview in the editor.


Can A2J Guided Interviews created with 5.0 be published to LHI?

We are working closely with the LawHelp Interactive and Probono.net teams to get A2J Author 5.0 up and running on their server. Posting 5.0 Guided Interviews to the LHI server is currently only open to a small group of community testers. We hope to have LHI open up to the larger development community early in 2016.