New A2J Author Website

Welcome to the new A2J Author site!  With a new look and a robust set of features, the site is poised to provide greater resources for the community of A2J Author developers.  


If you were a frequent visitor to our old site, you'll notice a brand new look!  The site layout has been streamlined to make finding content easier and more intuitive.  Important news and events are highlighted on the home page.  We've included new content, including an updated FAQ section and updated training resources. 


A robust library of A2J Author training and development resources are just a few clicks away on our the site.  New users can access specific resources tailored to their experience level.  The A2J Authoring Guide, our comprehensive manual, is available for those interested in detailed information about all the A2J Author features. 

A2J Author is already user-friendly, not only for end-users but also content developers.  These resources will make creating A2J Guided Interviews even easier than before! 


Easily find A2J Author events through the new site.  Everything from webinars to conference presentations involving the A2J Author team will be posted. 


Tweets from @A2JAuthor are displayed on the site to allow visitors to track the latest from A2J Author.  


(Coming soon)

The A2J Author Project Matching Tool facilitates impactful collaborations between legal aid organizations or courts and A2J Guided Interview developers, including attorneys, legal technologists, and law students.  Organizations that wish to have a legal form automated using A2J Author can post their project to the Matching Tool.  Developers can view project details and initiate communications using the organizational contact information provided.  This tool centralizes the many A2J Author form automation projects across the country in order to scale the number of A2J Guided Interivews that are available for use by self-represented individuals.  More Guided Interviews, greater access to justice.